Get started with Sounds True's four new interactive guides. Learn about the benefits of meditation, the power of energy healing, how to discover your life purpose, and how to develop your intuition, all with leading authors and teachers, plus guided exercises you can try right now!

Meditation is a method for synchronizing body and mind in the present moment. When our body and mind are in sync, we are naturally relaxed, alert, open, and aware. In this way, meditation can provide physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits. Our new Guide makes it easy for you to learn how to meditate, with explanations, five categories of meditation, and 21 exercises to get you started.

Most people associate the word "healing" with working at the physical level to bring about a change in the body or the mind. By using medicine, herbs, vitamins, and exercise, for example, we work with the physical body to bring relief from unwanted symptoms such as pain, fatigue, anxiety, or chronic illness. Our Guide lets you jump right in to the core principles, chakras, meridians, auric fields, and other methodologies used in the many varieties of mind-body and energy-based healing.

Explore areas of passion and vision, conscious work and career, and money and manifestation. To make it easy for you to start right away, we've created three major categories, each of which includes exercises and teachings you can explore immediately. You'll also find inspiration and personal insights from a number of authors and luminaries in the field—along with plenty of resources to support your personal exploration.
Intuition is an insight that comes to you without reasoning or analysis. Your interactive guide explains how to use intuition and provides specific methods to help you consciously develop this important skill. To allow you to jump right in, we’ve created 23 intuitive development exercises you can try right now. Also included are sections on healing and intuition, chakras, dreams, intuition, and divination, past lives, and shamanism.